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Nonton Film Triad (2012) Subtitle Indonesia Streaming Movie Online LK21 INDOXXI - Doimovie

Triad (2012)

Genre: Crime
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 91 MenitDilihat: 310 views
5 voting, rata-rata 4,4 dari 10

Nonton Film Online Triad (2012) Subtitle Indonesia – The 90’s were the glory days for the Hong Kong Triads, an underground order that has stood the test of time, stemming from an offshoot of the Shaolin monks that fought as a resistance to overturn the government during the turn of the century.

These gangs ruled the Hong Kong night for decades, through controlling prostitution, drug trades and illegal gambling. It was during the 90’s when their lifestyle came under threat as the Hong Kong handover to China drew near… This is the story based on real events of a college graduate who chose a life of crime over a future of boundless potential to push the Triads through the tough times during the 90’s into the new millennium.

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Tagline:When it comes down to money and the love of your brothers, what would you choose?
Bahasa:广州话 / 廣州話
Anggaran:$ 1.000.000,00